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Brunswick County is filled with fascinating history and a promising future. Brunswick County was the first area settled in the Carolinas in 1663. The colonists settled along the Cape Fear River and named the area after Charles Town, for their king, Charles II. The settlement failed soon after, probably due to hostile Native Americans, and they eventually left to settle farther south.The area remained untouched for almost 60 years until Maurice Moore, son of then Governor James Moore, established Brunswick Town as a commercial venture in 1726. It was named for King George I, who also held the title of Duke of Brunswick and Leunenberg, territories in Germany.

From its beginning, the town was wrought with problems. A Spanish privateer ship attacked the town in 1748. The Spanish landed in present-day Southport with the hope of capturing the local residents and turning them into slaves. The colonists fled, regrouped and sank the ship. Brunswick was one of the first towns in America to rebel against the British. When the King passed the Stamp Tax, armed colonists met the customs officials. The area was next decimated by malaria, a result of the mosquitoes and proximity to the river. By the time the British burned Brunswick in 1776, the area was almost completely deserted. It stayed that way for almost 100 years.

The area was sold in 1842 to Orton Plantation for $4.25. In 1862, it came alive during the Civil War when Camp Anderson called Brunswick home. Brunswicks history continued to fluctuate; in fact, the area never really caught on a s a great place to live until well after World War II when major industrial plants moved in during the 1960s. DuPont, Carolina Power and Light Co., Pfizer and a citric acid plant owned by Archer-Daniels-Midland Company breathed new life into the area. As a result, the area has experienced an incredible increase in growth and popularity.

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