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Candy & Jim Hambacher

“Dear Kim and Scott,

It has been 2 years since I invited my friend, Jimmie Doll, over to our vacation rental house to inquire about life on Oak Island. Jim and I were already enamored with this coastal town because of its “old school” simplicity, lack of outside development, no high rises, and dog friendly atmosphere. We were getting serious about a relocation from Charlotte. We needed to know some basics like —where is the nearest off island Target or Costco???”

We also needed a suggestion for a realtor to guide and direct us. There was no hesitation on Jimmie’s part …. Kim Anderson.

That fortunate connection led us to Scott Buff and it was “game on”.

Jim and I want to thank both of you so very much for your patient care throughout the building process. We could not, and would not, have attempted this long distance build if there was not a total sense of trust. We appreciate your integrity and dedication to providing a reputable product. Every person we met on the jobsite was so friendly and skilled and it made the experience a joy.

The inside is fairly settled, and we can now focus on the yard and outside porches. Jim has been able to stay ot OKI more than I have due to family responsibilities with my Dad and my desire to attend as many grandchild activities as possible! We hope the travel schedule can grow into something more routine in the near future.

We are proud of our OKI home and have tried to decorate it as a comfy, cozy beach cottage. We are not fancy folks and we do not want to look like a souvenir shop, but we do love the coastal colors/décor. Please send a text and stop by for a tour when you can. You are always welcome at 3701 East Dolphin Drive.
Candy & Jim Hambacher
April 22, 2016